Empowerment Mondays - Direct Action

Working hours, Contracts, Minimum Wages, Employee Rights etc. We're all working for the plantation owner.

Empowerment Mondays - Direct Action

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Empowerment Mondays - Direct Action Empowerment Mondays - Direct Action Empowerment Mondays - Direct Action In joint association with Campaign for Truth and Justice 'CTJ' Free Spirit Foundation are presenting a series of Direct Action Days... 'Empowerment' Mondays to be held weekly until further notice. Anyone who wants Justice whether it's criminal, domestic, political or social is invited to Empower Your Mental.

We are a growing collective who have, quite frankly, had enough of the incompetent administrators of the Rule of Law.

"You are the Masters, we are the servants." David Cameron 2012 quote. So that is exactly what this action will demonstrate!

No longer shall we accept the violations of Our Human Rights and the Rule of Law... This Is It!

We invite All to take DIRECT action, make this day the start of Empowering Your future... Organise 'Empowerment Mondays' in your area, encourage all to participate in the creation of a 'golden' foundation for generations to come.

Our Young People need this... COME ON!!! ♥

Empowerment Mondays:

2nd venue - Royal Courts of Justice 16/9 Google Map
3rd venue - Ministry of Justice/BBC 23/9
4th - 30/9 TBA

More Info - https://www.facebook.com/events/426881117420460/
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