BeatBullying calls for a boycott of

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BeatBullying calls for a boycott of

Unread postby Mary Nightingale » Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:59 pm

BeatBullying calls for a boycott of BeatBullying calls for a boycott of BeatBullying calls for a boycott of BeatBullying calls for a boycott of until safety concerns are addressed

In the wake of multiple warnings raised by the young people we work with, and recent tragedies related to the website, BeatBullying is calling on all users to boycott the site and for advertisers to withdraw their support until safety concerns have been addressed.

Emma-Jane Cross, CEO and founder of BeatBullying said:

“ needs to take its users’ safety much more seriously, which includes putting adequate resources behind its safeguarding policies. For some young people, this site has become an ecosystem of hate and we must ensure that cases lik e Hannah's can never happen again.

“Until this happens, we're calling on the public, young people, parents and schools to boycott We're also urging advertisers whose funding provides the lifeblood of the site to think very carefully about their advertising spend on this platform.

“For young people or parents of young people who are currently being targeted by cyberbullies on or any other platform we urge them to come to as soon as possible to get support.”

We want to work with to:

    Improve verification of users’ details
    Strengthen moderation so that cyberbullying issues can be addressed and referred to the police where necessary
    Make reporting procedures much clearer and ensure a swift response when abuse is recorded
    Improve signposting to support services for victims of cyberbullying
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