Wikileaks - Australian Election September 7th 2013

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Wikileaks - Australian Election September 7th 2013

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Wikileaks - Australian Election September 7th 2013 Wikileaks - Australian Election September 7th 2013 Wikileaks - Australian Election September 7th 2013 The whole world is watching us, and we have a chance to show them that this part of the Empire is no longer in their grip.

Vote Wikileaks at the September Australian Election.

September 7th 2013


Julian Assange - “The values of transparency and accountability and resistance under pressure that I have developed through hard experience with WikiLeaks, that is what we intend to take to Canberra.”
Leslie Cannold - “I want to be a voice for Australians concerned about the security of their private information and what the Government is doing in our name.”
Binoy Kampmark - “A monitored government, rather than a government monitoring its subjects, has always been the aim of a healthy democracy. WikiLeaks is the only party of its kind to remind voters of that aim.”

New South Wales
Kellie Tranter - “I’m running because our government simply doesn’t give people accurate information, it is incapable of having Australia stand in the world as an independent nation and its policies often don’t reflect public opinion.”
Alison Broinowski - “The WikiLeaks Party represents a culture shift in Australian politics. I became a Senate candidate for the WikiLeaks Party on the day the Australian foreign minister abandoned Julian Assange to whatever fate other governments want for him. Our government routinely deceives us on vital issues, and allows others to invigilate us. I support a Party that will get the truth out in the open.”

Western Australia
Gerry Georgatos - “The ability to discover the truth is outstripped by the capacity to manifest deceit – The WikiLeaks Party is an opportunity to challenge this premise.”
Suresh Rajan - “The protection of human rights is paramount to me. WikiLeaks Party delivers this.”

More Information at the Wikileaks Party Website -
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